Sunday, June 26, 2011

What do we do??

To give a sense of the Remarkable process…

We start our morning sessions with uplifting music and welcome everybody with a personal “good morning”. We continue with a round of check in, which gives the participants time to reflect on the previous session, or a moment to share anything that comes to mind. And that can be anything. A song, a poem, a speech, or anything they would like to share with the group. It is their moment; their moment to claim their fame. A so called lifetime opportunity to take the stage and say something!

Our Remarkable process fits in perfectly within the program off IISE. It is mind blowing to see and experience that our creative approach towards these new entrepreneurs is useful, real, and valuable.

Working with (partially) blind people is a great experience and challenges us to also get out of our own comfort zone, and look at what is needed to explain our vision, goals and set up of the sessions.
To get your message across it is a great advantage if you can describe things in detail. Like a true artist who paints his painting in great detail, we create space for others to make their story and connection with the material.

Besides playing, singing and dancing "getting the creative engine running" we look at all the participants pitch performances & presentation techniques.
Listening to their dreams, goals, higher goals, and what is needed to reach them.
Everybody has something to bring, take and give.
And its up to each an everyone of them to decide in time, place and mind, which tools the are going to use, take, share, pass on in their life, work and relationships.
We truly believe that you can be, get or reach anything you want in life if you believe and embrace your authentic self. It is through mutual connection, respect, and playfulness we have been able to successfully do our job.

We have received so many heart felt stories, songs and uplifting session. Therefore we thank the participants.
For us it is trusting on that what is. That what is necessary will rise to the surface to reveal it self.
If we would had stuck to our "so called plan", we would have never made it, in what we now can call a true Remarkable feeling.
Our lessons are here, right here at our feet, with the participants who guide, challenge, and teach us. Gladly they brought them self to the middle, had the courage to dive in, and take what they need. And give what they have to give, and that on it self to us is Remarkable.

Peggy-Jane & Karel

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