Thursday, June 30, 2011

Participant Quote of the Day

"I am not a Handsome
But I can give my HAND to SOME one who needs support."

Raja from India

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


"Into Me I See. 

Through the eyes of another you can see yourself."

By giving private sessions to the participants, and using their own authentic input we get inspired to hand out tools, feedback & information.
It is a way of communicating with that what is and that what comes to the service in that particular time and place.
It is playing with the synchronicity of live, that what is happening in the moment. It is their willingness to be open for feedback, and using it to take things to another level.
By sharing, getting real and truly speak from their guts, the stories of the participants touched our hearts.

Our sessions were focused on body and stage awareness, innovative thinking, and guiding them to convert their dreams into a business and financial plan.
Through our sessions of body and stage awareness, we try to hand out tools how to stand and act within their own strength, using their own true stories and being their authentic self to bring their message across.
In the sessions about finance we have given them information about the approach to start with a business plan, and structuring it in such a way that a well thought through "financial" plan can be developed.

The mission, vision & goals that all of the participants have are so much bigger than themselves. It is remarkable how each and every one of them has overcome their battles in live, and found a way to get up and make a stand.
All of the participants have their own story to tell.
They all relate to there higher purpose.
To help people grow, learn and inspiring others to do the same.

We deeply make a bow for all the participants of the IISE 2011 class. We are so proud to be here, and to find so much love and willingness to share this with us.
For us it has been a live chancing experience.

What we once had in our mind, our dream and vision to be Remarkable, is now true and reality.

Peggy-Jane & Karel 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

What do we do??

To give a sense of the Remarkable process…

We start our morning sessions with uplifting music and welcome everybody with a personal “good morning”. We continue with a round of check in, which gives the participants time to reflect on the previous session, or a moment to share anything that comes to mind. And that can be anything. A song, a poem, a speech, or anything they would like to share with the group. It is their moment; their moment to claim their fame. A so called lifetime opportunity to take the stage and say something!

Our Remarkable process fits in perfectly within the program off IISE. It is mind blowing to see and experience that our creative approach towards these new entrepreneurs is useful, real, and valuable.

Working with (partially) blind people is a great experience and challenges us to also get out of our own comfort zone, and look at what is needed to explain our vision, goals and set up of the sessions.
To get your message across it is a great advantage if you can describe things in detail. Like a true artist who paints his painting in great detail, we create space for others to make their story and connection with the material.

Besides playing, singing and dancing "getting the creative engine running" we look at all the participants pitch performances & presentation techniques.
Listening to their dreams, goals, higher goals, and what is needed to reach them.
Everybody has something to bring, take and give.
And its up to each an everyone of them to decide in time, place and mind, which tools the are going to use, take, share, pass on in their life, work and relationships.
We truly believe that you can be, get or reach anything you want in life if you believe and embrace your authentic self. It is through mutual connection, respect, and playfulness we have been able to successfully do our job.

We have received so many heart felt stories, songs and uplifting session. Therefore we thank the participants.
For us it is trusting on that what is. That what is necessary will rise to the surface to reveal it self.
If we would had stuck to our "so called plan", we would have never made it, in what we now can call a true Remarkable feeling.
Our lessons are here, right here at our feet, with the participants who guide, challenge, and teach us. Gladly they brought them self to the middle, had the courage to dive in, and take what they need. And give what they have to give, and that on it self to us is Remarkable.

Peggy-Jane & Karel

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NOTE to the readers & Participant quote of the day

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The quote of the day is:

"Living in this life without understanding the meaning of it, it is like wandering around in the great library without touching any books."

 Lukkette from Thailand

Monday, June 20, 2011

Enjoying the journey

The last 2 weeks we have jumped on this riding train and it has been moving full speed ahead. Our first goal was to get to know the participants and determine where they stood in their own learning process. We used different exercises to get the energy flowing, setting the standard for the group dynamic.
We received a lot of compliments. "you did a great job!" And as a result we set a very high standard for are self and the following lessons to come!! Holy cow!!! 

By getting real, “dropping the waterline”, sharing life stories, experience, diversity, sad & happy moments, we created a safe place for the group (including ourselves). A safe playground to ignite their own creativity to support innovative thinking. With dancing, singing, making music and writing songs, the tone was set! Can you imagine al the great stories we have received? We are blessed to work with a group from 16 nationalities/personalities.
All stories are different but we all have one thing in common: 

the ability to dream

And it is there where the clear vision reveals it self.

The participants all started to open up and started to share their stories and dreams, which we don't take lightly. We know that we are only passing by in this one year project. We can only say that we are so proud to be hear at IISE, and that we have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful inspiring people.

Sabriye and Paul are both the anchor points of this institute and they have managed to build a sustainable innovative institute which creates a platform for those who are willing to take the chance to make a change.

The IISE took the risk to:

Giving us the change to dream, create and letting us be Remarkable.
And what a feeling to experience that the pieces of the puzzle truly fit!!!!!
It is there:

Where all are talents, vision, passion all come together and gets bigger than our self.

It is that energy where true potential can be found to make things happen.

Peggy-Jane & Karel

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Participant quote of the day

We have been touched by the inspiring people at IISE. We would like to share with you a daily quote. The first quote...

"It is much easier to pull someone or lend them a hand up(wards), than it is to push them up."
quote originally from Harv Eker

Marguerite from USA

Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting Real

The process of letting go is as real and true as the lessons we try to give & teach here in India. While putting the participants through the Remarkable creative process of getting their dream vision clear, we are challenging them to go out of their comfort zone and dropping their waterline by getting real, so they can tell and share their stories.
We of course do the same!!!
We both are working on are own living document, our own personal Remarkable vision!
Which is a great experience, full off challenging, deep dive moments, which confront us with our own wants, needs, thoughts and convictions.

We can truly say that it is an amazing process. We experienced that if you are able to get real and say what is in your heart, it will come back to you in forms you can not even imagine.
We have been touched by great people, stories and ideas which brings us right at the core of are believes, that what we dream is real & true!

We are on the right path of our Remarkable journey. 

Getting things done to get to this point, was a challenge in it self.
Getting in and out of tuk tuks, (fearing for our own life :0), we had to find our way through the city to get all the materials we needed for the workshops.
And what you know and expect is all what it is not!!
The pace of live and the rhythm of the city is one that you have to get used to.
If you would normally get 10 things done in a day, we now are happy if we can make 2 things work. So therefore the lesson in being patient is hard to ignore!
Also the tool of making deals and putting up a theatre show to bargain the price is a big laugh, but necessary and considered rude if you don't!

So after our first week of preparation we finally started are first session!
What a blast!!!!! Our cheeks are still glowing, wow! (wat is dit te gek!!!)

We fully took the deep dive into our Remarkable process and still are taking in the remarkable heart felt compliments and great inspiring feedback which they shared with us.
One of the participants shared the following feedback with us: 
"The Remarkable workshop brought me to a deeper level about myself and others. Sharing my authentic self with my fellow participants has given me a lot of clarity about my own goals."

It is through connection & sharing we have been able to recognize our selves and feel that what we do is Remarkable!

Thanks for following us!

Peggy-Jane & Karel

Friday, June 3, 2011

* Wat is *

 Wanneer ik loslaat en vertrouw op dat wat er is,
ontvouwt het leven zich als een raadsel.
Waarvan ik nooit had gedacht of verwacht,
dat ik het antwoord ooit zou vinden.
Ik wist nog niet hoe de dingen zouden gaan verlopen, 
hier in India.
De hoge eisen die ik mijzelf stelde,
de voorbereiding, het moeten weten,
heb ik in rust naast me neergelegd en losgelaten.
Net als dat het regenseizoen zich niet laat regisseren,
komt ze als gelegen om de vermoeiende hitte af te blussen.
De aarde komt op adem,
en zoekt haar verkoeling in de lauw warme regendrup.
Ik ben zo blij dat ik hier ben, en dat ik mag ervaren,
dat wat is....
is perfect.

* What is *

When I let go and truly trust in that what is…
Life unfolds itself as a riddle, of which I never imagined that I would ever find the answer.
I did not know how things would turn out, once I arrived in India.
I peacefully put aside the high expectations that I put on myself, all my preparations, and the pressure of “I must know”.
Like the rain season itself, which can not be directed, 
she comes as a blessing to soothe the tiring heat.
Finally earth can catch her breath, and treasures her own cooldown in the warm raindrops.
I am so glad that I am finally here,
I am thankful that I can embrace the experience,
of that what is….
is perfect.