Wednesday, June 29, 2011


"Into Me I See. 

Through the eyes of another you can see yourself."

By giving private sessions to the participants, and using their own authentic input we get inspired to hand out tools, feedback & information.
It is a way of communicating with that what is and that what comes to the service in that particular time and place.
It is playing with the synchronicity of live, that what is happening in the moment. It is their willingness to be open for feedback, and using it to take things to another level.
By sharing, getting real and truly speak from their guts, the stories of the participants touched our hearts.

Our sessions were focused on body and stage awareness, innovative thinking, and guiding them to convert their dreams into a business and financial plan.
Through our sessions of body and stage awareness, we try to hand out tools how to stand and act within their own strength, using their own true stories and being their authentic self to bring their message across.
In the sessions about finance we have given them information about the approach to start with a business plan, and structuring it in such a way that a well thought through "financial" plan can be developed.

The mission, vision & goals that all of the participants have are so much bigger than themselves. It is remarkable how each and every one of them has overcome their battles in live, and found a way to get up and make a stand.
All of the participants have their own story to tell.
They all relate to there higher purpose.
To help people grow, learn and inspiring others to do the same.

We deeply make a bow for all the participants of the IISE 2011 class. We are so proud to be here, and to find so much love and willingness to share this with us.
For us it has been a live chancing experience.

What we once had in our mind, our dream and vision to be Remarkable, is now true and reality.

Peggy-Jane & Karel 


  1. It's a joy to read your stories. And the beautiful pics show as much as the great stories you write about your 'journey' and experiences.