Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting Real

The process of letting go is as real and true as the lessons we try to give & teach here in India. While putting the participants through the Remarkable creative process of getting their dream vision clear, we are challenging them to go out of their comfort zone and dropping their waterline by getting real, so they can tell and share their stories.
We of course do the same!!!
We both are working on are own living document, our own personal Remarkable vision!
Which is a great experience, full off challenging, deep dive moments, which confront us with our own wants, needs, thoughts and convictions.

We can truly say that it is an amazing process. We experienced that if you are able to get real and say what is in your heart, it will come back to you in forms you can not even imagine.
We have been touched by great people, stories and ideas which brings us right at the core of are believes, that what we dream is real & true!

We are on the right path of our Remarkable journey. 

Getting things done to get to this point, was a challenge in it self.
Getting in and out of tuk tuks, (fearing for our own life :0), we had to find our way through the city to get all the materials we needed for the workshops.
And what you know and expect is all what it is not!!
The pace of live and the rhythm of the city is one that you have to get used to.
If you would normally get 10 things done in a day, we now are happy if we can make 2 things work. So therefore the lesson in being patient is hard to ignore!
Also the tool of making deals and putting up a theatre show to bargain the price is a big laugh, but necessary and considered rude if you don't!

So after our first week of preparation we finally started are first session!
What a blast!!!!! Our cheeks are still glowing, wow! (wat is dit te gek!!!)

We fully took the deep dive into our Remarkable process and still are taking in the remarkable heart felt compliments and great inspiring feedback which they shared with us.
One of the participants shared the following feedback with us: 
"The Remarkable workshop brought me to a deeper level about myself and others. Sharing my authentic self with my fellow participants has given me a lot of clarity about my own goals."

It is through connection & sharing we have been able to recognize our selves and feel that what we do is Remarkable!

Thanks for following us!

Peggy-Jane & Karel


  1. Your stories really give a good impression of what you and the participants are experiencing there and that you have to put aside all your believes and certain expectations. And I can imagine that this is just only a little insight of what is really unfolding there in India. Keep up the good work, spread your inspiration and enthusiasm out all over the world and take everyone with you in your flow. I am truly impressed what the three of you are achieving in such short time!

  2. En de groeten uit Spanje!

  3. It takes courage to get real and really connect at an authentic level. You're amazing being such a great example and doing such wonderful work. Thank you for inspiring me, us and them. Love Chantal