Monday, June 20, 2011

Enjoying the journey

The last 2 weeks we have jumped on this riding train and it has been moving full speed ahead. Our first goal was to get to know the participants and determine where they stood in their own learning process. We used different exercises to get the energy flowing, setting the standard for the group dynamic.
We received a lot of compliments. "you did a great job!" And as a result we set a very high standard for are self and the following lessons to come!! Holy cow!!! 

By getting real, “dropping the waterline”, sharing life stories, experience, diversity, sad & happy moments, we created a safe place for the group (including ourselves). A safe playground to ignite their own creativity to support innovative thinking. With dancing, singing, making music and writing songs, the tone was set! Can you imagine al the great stories we have received? We are blessed to work with a group from 16 nationalities/personalities.
All stories are different but we all have one thing in common: 

the ability to dream

And it is there where the clear vision reveals it self.

The participants all started to open up and started to share their stories and dreams, which we don't take lightly. We know that we are only passing by in this one year project. We can only say that we are so proud to be hear at IISE, and that we have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful inspiring people.

Sabriye and Paul are both the anchor points of this institute and they have managed to build a sustainable innovative institute which creates a platform for those who are willing to take the chance to make a change.

The IISE took the risk to:

Giving us the change to dream, create and letting us be Remarkable.
And what a feeling to experience that the pieces of the puzzle truly fit!!!!!
It is there:

Where all are talents, vision, passion all come together and gets bigger than our self.

It is that energy where true potential can be found to make things happen.

Peggy-Jane & Karel

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