Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dream carefully

The last weeks flew by, and now that our last sessions are near, sad feelings surround our bodies and we try to focus on that what is and not on that what is yet to come.... A challenge on it self. The thought of leaving comes hard and makes our energy heavy and hard to carry. Therefore we challenge our mind to be focused on that what we still can do, and try to enjoy and embrace all the moments we are receiving.

Working in private sessions with the participants has made our connections even closer and with each of them we have connected in our own way.
They have stolen our hearts and gave us the ground to plant a Remarkable seed of connection. All their stories are so inspiring, the willingness to take all the sessions in, and be there with such an open mind and sparkling energy.
All what we have felt and experienced is hard to explain in words.

Our journey started with a single dream, and we dreamed big, and see where it took us.  It took us to India, Kerala "Gods own Country". 
What a great place to start.....
Working with 18 beautiful people from 16 nationalities.
So dream carefully; one participant said:
"With care and fully"
Be careful what you wish for, because it might be your reality soon.

Words do not even come close to what we feel.
We invite you to our journey through pictures and this beautiful song, which was given to us by one of the participants.

Peggy-Jane & Karel


  1. Lieve PJ,
    tnx 4 sharing your wonderful experiences. I enjoy with you a touch of 'Gods own Country' and see His hand working through you. May all the gods shower their blessings on you and may you always be RE*MARK*ABLE.

    Warm hugs

    De Ouwe