Saturday, May 28, 2011

If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

Our Remarkable Story

Our journey started 2 Months ago when we met for the first time. During this meeting it became clear that we shared the same passion. We talked about our backgrounds and the things we were working on. Peggy-Jane was very eager to start working with her ideas around making people finding their true passion by using a creative coaching process. Karel was in the middle of writing his book interviewing a number of people, and concluding that it was time to start doing. Peggy-Jane and Karel took on this challenge and asked Gert to join. Our vision was to create the Remarkable Foundation to offer people a process to become proud of who they are, find their true potential, and realize their dreams. All three of us have our own stories to tell about why we are passionate about Remarkable. The stories are different, but our dreams are the same. We want to bring different worlds together.

The first step in our Remarkable Story is the ‘creative dream visioning’ workshop we will facilitate in India in June. In addition to visioning, we want to ensure that people to whom we offer this process, will get the funding to actually kick start their dreams. Specifically for the India workshop, we will be organizing a fund raising event later this year.
Over the last two months we had many, many people helping us in getting our Remarkable Foundation started. We are so grateful for all the help we have received! It enabled us to 'hit the ground running' and start doing. But before we start blogging about our experiences in India, we would like to thank:

·      Monique Verkuilen from AKD for preparing the deed of foundation for Stichting Remarkable
·    Henk Jan Smits, Bas van der Heuvel, and Annika Bos, for creating a beautiful Remarkable song (more on that later!)  
·    Paul, Vincent, Marco & supporting team from Touch Creative who
created our logo, and helped us with various communication materials
·    Helen den Held, from the Deloitte Foundation who has given us the funding for our pilot project in India 
.    Yvonne and Rich Dutra St. John, founders of Challenge day, for sharing the Challenge Day training materials (
·    Katja Schuurman, Maarten Ras, en Marije Schasfoort for helping us with sharing their experience with setting up Return to Sender
·    Karl van Houten, from who sponsored 5 video camera's that we can use in our project
·    Raymond from, De-Streng, for sponsoring our first Label order.
·    Het Tattelljee, voor rest materialen
·    Dolf, from ASP giving support and access to their training materials
·    Salem Samhoud, and Marjan Companjen from &Samhoud who have sent us 150 balls of connection
·    Henno, from giving feedback, support & sharing training materials
·    Ingrid Tappin, who took the time to brainstorm with us around our social media plan
·    Kieu for last minute sewing advice
·    Sandra, for designing the ring of connection
And of course our partners who have been putting up with our crazy work schedule, and who have been supporting us from the day we started!

Yes, we are going to India. Our first project will be at the International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs. We are incredibly thankful for this opportunity and really eager to get started.

About the IISE

The International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs (IISE) in Trivandrum, Kerala (South India) operates under the umbrella of Braille without Borders Charitable Trust (BWB). BWB was co-founded by Sabriye Tenberken and Paul Kronenberg in 2005. In January 2009, the IISE welcomed its first batch of 20 participants. IISE creates credible and effective leaders for positive social change across the world. The eleven month experiential program driven by catalysts helps them set up social projects that improve the quality of blind, visually impaired people and marginalized target groups in an earth-respecting environment that promotes leadership, collaboration and positive social change. The IISE focuses on leadership training in order to create social change through innovation.

We invite you to join our Remarkable journey by following our blog.
Follow us, we welcome your support!

We are living our dream.
Come dream with us!

Peggy-Jane, Karel, Gert


  1. If you need anything while you're in India, just let me know. Good Luck. Groetjes. Helen

  2. Sounds really great. This first project as well as your own remarkable journey. All the best, Robin Beker

  3. Congratulations.. You are truly remarkable! Have a wonderful time in India, being great examples of 'dream, create & make it happen' :-) Love & hug, Chantal van de Kragt

  4. If anyone can do it, you can. And if anyone can let the whole world know they can do it, you can.

    I wish you an amazing and inspirational time with eyes that lit up in front of you and steps that are being taken in a speed that will amaze us all.

    Lots of love, Heidy Torrelli

  5. Vibrant activity. Good goals. Lots of experience bundled together...
    This must be a success formula. Go for it! Let me know how I can help :-)
    Eric Kuisch

  6. You powerbabe! I wish everything you wish for comes true. The one that can make anything happen starts with you. First steps taken, you are great!
    love Tosca